If Car’s Battery Dies, Who to Call for the Jump Start?


Jump start your car when battery dies… or call you local towing company

Not every vehicle requires towing. If the battery of the car fails or dies, it can probably be resolved with jump start car service. After the jump start, just leave the car engine running for few minutes so that it can charge the battery. 

You can also try to jump start car, should you have access to the jumper cables and another vehicle with good battery. In order to jump start your car, both cars should be in neutral, take one of the red clips and clip it to the positive terminal of both cars and black clip to the negative terminal of both cars. Make sure to start the other car before cranking the car with dead battery.

Its not always easy or convenient to get help from other vehicle, not many people are willing to help. Should that situation arises, the start stops responding and you are stranded on the side of the road call Flag Towing Service for help with emergency jump start. In some cases the battery may be completely drained and dead. Should that be the case, Flag Towing can help with towing the car to the mechanic shop of your choice.

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