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Are you stuck in a ditch or pile of mud? You need professional towing company who can help to pull your car without causing any further damages.

Snow, mud, or even wet surface can be dangerous for your cars. In harsh weather conditions, your car can skid off the road and end up in a ditch alongside the road. Cars being trapped in a snowbank or a mud body can be frustrating and can potentially damage your vehicle. Pulling and pushing won’t help and may further damage the car. Whereas, most of the cars aren’t equipped to drive through these harsh terrains and conditions. That’s where Flag towing and emergency roadside assistance service comes to your rescue and helps pull out/winch your vehicle out of danger without further damage.

Texas’ heat and harsh terrain with ditches and potholes can be dangerous for cars. At Flag towing, we have towing professionals equipped with an advanced tow truck fleet to pull out a vehicle stuck in a ditch. We provide a reliable and swift roadside assistance service anywhere in the North Texas region. Our fleet has different tow trucks that can efficiently winch out your vehicle quickly.

Our special winching trucks are equipped with motorized axles and a lengthy, durable cable of 65 feet that is capable of pulling any vehicle out of a dangerous condition. Our skilled workers will hook a heavy-duty tow cable onto a safe and stable location on your car’s undercarriage, mostly depending on the current state and accessibility. Once the cables are attached securely, a hydraulic or electric motor will pull your vehicle towards safety from the ditch, snowbank, or other dangerous conditions.

Breakdowns are usually unpredictable, like sliding or slipping into a snow hole or muddy ditch. However, you need to prepared for any unforeseen situation by keeping your car in the finest working condition. Unluckily, if you ever get yourself into an emergency like falling into a ditch, why not use the best towing service provider in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, The Colony, TX? Flag towing has a reputation of delivering highly professional and prompt roadside assistance 24-hours of the day, with guaranteed quick arrival time.  

If you find your vehicle in need of winching services, Flag Towing is here for you to help. From your car’s complicated recovery to local towing service and emergency roadside assistance for car winch out or ditch pull out, you can count on our reliable and professional towing and roadside assistance.

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