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Are you stuck in a ditch or pile of mud? You need professional towing company who can help to pull your car without causing any further damages.

Oops it just happened, your car is stuck in the ditch. Vehicles don’t just get stuck but really stuck, pushing or pulling won’t help, it may further damage the car. It may have happened due to black ice, rain or lack of attention on the road… it’s scary and frustrating. Flag Towing has tow trucks with 65ft long winch cable which is capable of pulling out your vehicle from ditch, mud, curb or any other condition without causing further damages.

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Winching is a common roadside assistance service that involves using a motorized axle and strong cable to pull a vehicle out of a precarious situation.  A professional roadside assistance service provider hooks a thick heavy-duty tow cable onto a stable and safe location on the undercarriage of your car.  Where the cable gets hooked will depend on several different factors such as how accessible your vehicle’s undercarriage is in its current situation and your car’s condition.  After your vehicle has been secured with the cable, an electric or hydraulic motor will then pull the cable towards the truck, safely and slowly pulling your car out of the snow bank, ditch or other dangerous situation that it is in.

If you find your vehicle in need of winching services, Flag Towing is here for you to help. From complicated recovery of your vehicle to emergency roadside assistance for winch out or ditch pull out, you can count on our reliable and professional towing and roadside assistance service team! 

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