Towing a Vehicle from Low Clearance Garage

Low Clearance Garage

Not every tow truck is designed to get in to the parking garage and different parking garages may have different clearance level. If you happen to be one of the stranded motorist inside the parking garage, it is really important to know the clearance level before you call a tow truck

If your car breaks down and you are either in the basement/ lower level or on some upper level of the parking garage, just call your local towing service and they can assist you with the situation. Flag Towing is the local roadside assistance service provider can be reached out at 972-567-7299. Learn more about Flag Towing.

In some situations, the battery of the car can be dead, you don’t need to tow the car. Flag Towing can send a tow truck with proper equipment to give you jump start car service. Should the situation be different and the car has some mechanical issues, you will need a wheel lift tow truck. Flag Towing can tow your vehicle with a wheel lift tow truck.