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No keys no problem! If you have lost the key of your car or if your car doesn’t go into neutral, the wheel lift tow truck is the safest option for your car. And, if you are looking to tow a car from a garage, you definitely need a low clearance wrecker.

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Are you looking for an affordable towing solution? Or have to tow your vehicle to a nearby gas station. A wheel-lift tow truck serves as an ultimate solution. It is an ideal solution for a short distance and light-duty towing. It offers excellent control and maneuverability to the tow truck driver without dragging the traditional heavy wrecker. At Flag Towing, we dispatch the appropriate towing equipment and truck based on your vehicle’s conditions. Our tow professionals can offer a wide range of towing services throughout the North Texas region

Is Wheel lift Towing the Right Option for You?

A wheel-lift tow truck is a pretty useful and efficient method of transporting vehicles. But it’s not the right option for every car. Depending on the type, position, weight, and distance you want to cover, it may or may not be an ideal tow truck.

A wheel-lift tow truck is fitted with a metal yoke that can fit underneath the two front or rear wheels of the car you want to tow. Using the hydraulic lift, the vehicle’s front or rear end is lifted off the ground. And the remaining two wheels remain on the ground to be dragged along the road. This way, the car can easily be towed while distributing the weight and full control with the tow truck driver.

You need to understand your car’s drive system before requesting a wheel-lift tow truck. If your vehicle is a two-wheel drive, then wheel-lift is a perfect solution for you. Otherwise, cars with four-wheel or all-wheel drive should not be towed using this method. In a four-wheel-drive vehicle, all the wheels must be entirely above the ground during a tow, or it can damage the transmission. However, there are specific solutions like using a wheel dolly or disconnecting the transmission system. Both require special tools and expert towing professionals.

Benefits of Wheel Lift Tow Truck

Wheel-lift tow trucks are relatively modern and offer an innovative solution compared to the hook-and-chain towing. Rather than wrapping a chain around the car’s axles, you can easily lift the tires with a metal yoke. The method is also less likely to damage the car’s bumper or frame, along with being easy to perform.

While maneuvering the vehicle becomes easy in tight spaces. Suppose your car battery dies, you run out of gas, or your car is parallel parked. You’ll need an efficient and safe way to extract your vehicle without damaging any nearby vehicle. A wheel-lift tow truck is an ideal solution – it’s fast, reliable, and convenient.

We understand that every towing and roadside situation is unique. Our team fully utilize professional expertise to evaluate the situation. This way, Flag Towing sends the nearest tow truck with experts and equipment to assist the customer’s needs. If your vehicle is stuck in neutral, is locked, or needs a tow from a low clearance garage, call us now, and we can dispatch a wheel lift tow truck to tow your car.

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