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Humans can forget things very quickly, which can result in inconveniences. For example, locking your keys inside the car or losing the keys in a remote location can be a frustrating and stressful experience. To make things a little easy for you, Flag Towing offers professional locksmith services in and around the North Texas region. Flag Towing offers car lockout services, including unlocking, lost car keys copy or replacement, ignition repair, and broken key extraction services. Whenever you find yourself in an unfortunate situation of being locked out of your vehicle or unable to get the engine started, please, feel free to contact the best roadside assistance provider for efficient lockout services.

Most Common Scenarios for Requesting Roadside Assistance for a Auto Lockout

  • Car Keys Lost
  • Keys Locked Inside the Car
  • Keys Locked in the Trunk
  • Keys Stuck in the Ignition and Car Gets Locked
  • Keys Jammed in the Vehicle Lock
  • Faulty Car Locks

Situations where you find yourself on a back country road, or somewhere unknown late at night can make it difficult to find help. Any car lockout situation is much worse in the rain and extreme weather conditions. The inconvenience of being locked out of your car always seems to happen at the worst possible times. No matter where or when it happens, you can be stuck for minutes or even hours trying to figure out a solution.

With so much that can potentially go wrong with your vehicle to cause a car lockout situation, it is important to get your car lockout situations resolved quickly so that you can get back in your vehicle and on your way in no time.

There is a vast array of tools and methods that auto locksmiths use to open a locked car, i.e., slim jim, wedges. The slim jim technique is the prevalent tool used for opening a locked vehicle but can only be used with upright style locks. Also, the process requires a lot of finesse and, if not done correctly, can damage many wires and electronic mechanisms in the car.

Wedges are also used and come in different sizes and shapes to fit different make and model. A wedge is proven to be a secure and safe way to unlock a car. It creates an opening in the car door, and by using another tool like the Lasso Tool, you can open the vehicle from the inside. The Japanese tool or the auto buster can also be used by our professionals to get your car unlocked securely.

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Flag Towing experts can resolve all your lock problems and make your car operable swiftly. We see car lockout as an emergency and therefore provide immediate and quick service to get you back on the road.

— Car Lockout FAQs —

A- Flag Towing offers comprehensive auto lockout services, employing a multitude of methods and services. Our highly adept auto technicians can wedge open and operate virtually any make and model car.

A- When our roadside service arrives at your location, they will assess the condition on the ground and give you any heads up if the service will take any longer than usual. Generally, a car lockout will take around 5-10 minutes. If you need a key, then the time will depend on the complexity of the key. You will be kept abreast of the current situation and approximate time to open your car.

A- Although there are always chances of minor scratches or little dings but our qualified and professional roadside professionals would unlock the car with best quality equipment and extra care to keep your vehicle unharmed.

A- A typical car lockout service will cost $70.00. The prices depend on the type of service requested and the distance our service professionals have to travel to reach your location. However, Flag Towing guarantees a cheap auto lockout service with ultimate client satisfaction. 

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