Safe and Smart – Ask these 10 questions before hiring a towing service provider

Ask these 10 questions before hiring a towing service provider

Honestly, the sight of a Tow Truck Plano, TX, coming to rescue your broken vehicle from the middle of nowhere is a sight of happiness, peace, and contentment. However, the same can be a nightmare if you end up hiring an unprofessional towing service. Instead of saving you and your vehicle, the company gets you in further trouble or charges you an arm and a leg for minor services.

That is when finding one reliable Tow Truck Service Plano Tx saves your day. And while it’s true that choosing the right service provider for your situation can be overwhelming, asking the right questions is a helpful strategy to make a wise decision. With the right questions, you will know what the company can and can’t do and get the best services at affordable prices. So, to make sure you are a smart and confident towing service customer, we have curated a list of questions you must ask your towing company before hiring them.

When requesting a towing service, you want someone who is a suitable match for your situation. Not every company can handle all kinds of towing jobs. With so many different options available for towing companies, you will find services that merely move lightweight vehicles. Then some companies specialize in hauling cars for long distances. Still, others offer roadside assistance. In that case, what might work for a sedan might not be good enough for an SUV. Therefore, before you finalize a towing company, enquire about the list of services offered so you can make an informed choice.

“What kind of services do you offer?”

  • “What type of tow trucks do you have?”

Do you need a flatbed or a tow dolly? Does the company you are hiring use a wrecker, flatbed, or dolly? Different companies tow using different types of tow trucks to ensure the safety of the vehicle. Considering the towing capacity, your vehicle type, and the kind of service you want, a professional towing company will send out a truck to suit your situation. This is particularly important when you have a vintage car or a commercial vehicle. Also, you will want to make sure their fleet is in good condition to avoid accidents.

  • “Can I see a license?”

One important thing to consider when hiring a tow truck for emergencies is if the company is legitimate. In the hour of need, some fraudulent and inexperienced companies come into action offering help. However, these companies only take advantage of your frustration and make the situation even worse. That is why it is crucial to make sure you hire an authorized and reliable service. And the easiest way to do that is by asking for a towing license.

  • “Can I get an estimate for the towing cost?”

If you don’t want to be surprised with unexpectedly higher than average towing fees, do not forget to get an initial cost estimate. Needless to say, some companies are good at scamming and overcharging their customers during rough times. In that case, explaining your situation and demanding an estimated quote will not only save you from unpleasant surprises on the invoice but also give you a clear idea of what you can and cannot afford.

  • “Are there any extra charges?”

Towing service quote goes way beyond mere towing cost. Hidden charges such as tolls, taxes, surcharges, drop-off location fees, etc., can add up to present you big money. Yet again, in order to avoid unwarranted tow bills, you need to be aware of any extra charges. For that reason, before committing to order a Tow Truck Plano, TX, a question about any additional charges that might not be included in the initial cost estimate.

  • “What mode of payment do you accept?”

Enquiring about the mode of the payment beforehand can save you further trouble of not being able to pay the tow company. This is important, especially when you are on the road and a bit low on cash. Different towing companies accept various types of cards and payments. Some might only take cash; on the flip side, professional ones facilitate you with cash and credit cards options.

  • “How fast can you reach my location?”

Vehicles can break down anywhere anytime, and all you want in such a situation is immediate help. And so, knowing when to expect a rescue tow truck will give you peace of mind. Likewise, if you are holding up traffic, you want to opt for a company that can get to you faster. Typically, most towing service providers commit to reaching a location in thirty minutes or less; however, you can hold them to their word if they don’t.

  • “Where will you tow my car?”

Signing away the dotted lines without knowing where your car will be towed to is a bad idea. Do not! Whether or not you have a place in mind, ask exactly where your vehicle will be towed to. Moreover, you can also choose where you want your car delivered within the city limits. For instance, you have a mechanic recommendation in the area or a gas station nearby.

  • “Can I get a receipt?”

Getting a receipt before your car is taken away can help you in the long run. For any proof and evidence of the transaction, a receipt is the best option. A well-reputed company will be more than happy to serve you with a receipt to build a sense of trust among their customers.

  1. “How much experience does your company have?”

A company’s years of experience can make or break it when it comes to hauling a car. For the safety of your vehicle, you want to hire someone who is an expert in their work. To do that, ask your service provider about their years of experience. In addition, make sure to inquire about their equipment and truck drivers, so you know you are in safe hands.

These questions come in handy when you are in a challenging situation and want to trust only the best. At Flag Towing, we realize our clients are in need of help, so our team makes sure to communicate all the essential details and answer any queries with courtesy.