Types of Vehicle Towing and Recovery Services

Types of Vehicle Towing and Recovery Services

Vehicle recovery services are designed to help stranded motorists get a quick helping hand and get going in no time. A towing professional can help you in many scenarios and several ways. The most important is a swift and reliable recovery of your vehicle from an emergency like an accident or a vehicle breakdown. Towing and recovery service providers are always ready to serve their customers to get out of a difficult situation promptly. Many factors can specify the nature and type of recovery service needed. Therefore, a vehicle recovery service needs to remain vigilant at all times of the client’s condition and provide appropriate support. That’s where the industry specialists come and offer crucial insights into the policies and manners in which things are done. Experts at Flag Towing delineate some of the key types of towing and vehicle recovery services that a towing company should offer day in and day out.

Accident Vehicle Towing and Recovery

 The number of vehicles on U.S. roads is continually increasing, with over 279 million vehicles operating at the end of 2019. The country roads saw around a 1.6 percent increase in the number of operating vehicles in just one year. And the growing number of vehicles increases the probability of accidents. On average, the country sees over 6 million car accidents every year, where more than 90 people die in a car accident every day.

That’s the very reason a towing and recovery service needs to be always on high alert. Towing and local roadside assistance services should be prepared to recover vehicles involved in an accident as soon as possible to avoid any further damage and save lives. There might be a serious situation on the road that needs a quick response from towing professionals and utmost care in securing the lives of the people involved in an accident. The towing and recovery service provider needs to have multiple types of tow trucks to deal with every possible condition quickly at a reasonable cost.  

Damaged Engine Recovery

A broken or damaged vehicle engine is another common reason for needing a towing and roadside recovery service. The vehicle engine can fail due to several reasons, such as overheating, improper lubrication, oil leaks, or detonation. A vehicle with a broken or dead engine is tough to move and requires professional assistance to move safely. The towing company’s responsibility is to come prepared to fix all the problems or recover the vehicle from dangerous conditions.

Flat/Busted Tire Recovery Service

Flat or damaged tires are one of the top breakdown reasons. Often caused by a sharp object or simply old age can result in tire damage. Other issues such as hitting a curb or pothole, collision separates the tire and rim. There’s usually a single spare tire on every vehicle that can be very helpful if you get only a single flat tire. However, what will happen if you have more than one flat tire on your vehicle? Multiple tires giving up on you might seem unlikely, but not impossible. Assistance from a nearby local vehicle recovery service can save your day. Professional and experienced roadside assistance can help you get going in no time.

Off-Road Towing & Recovery Service

Rugged terrain calls for proficient driving and powerful vehicles. It might be fun and adventurous to go off-roading, but even the sports and 4×4 cars can sometimes get stuck in the harsh terrains. Snow, mud, and water bodies can cause hazardous situations for the vehicle. Off-road vehicle towing and recovery services can save you and your car from any kind of harsh terrain. You only have to call the Flag Towing and apprise us of your exact location and condition you’re in to let us prepare accordingly. Our tow professionals are equipped with a specially designed 4×4 wrecker that can handle any off-road case efficiently.

Dead Battery

Modern vehicles primarily rely on batteries to run and perform normal functioning. And if the battery gives up or doesn’t work correctly, you’re going to have a severe problem. Notably, hybrid and electric cars depend entirely on battery power to operate. At the same time, they aren’t easy to jump-start as well. You’d require a professional technician to perform a prompt and safe battery recovery. Flag Towing and recovery services have special surge protectors that can securely jump-start a battery.