How to Prepare Your Car for Long Distance Towing

How to Prepare Your Car for Long Distance Towing

At some point, everyone needs to tow their vehicle long distances. For example, moving to a new location around the country or getting a custom car delivered to your door. It is better to call a tow truck to ensure your vehicle’s maximum safety instead of trying to drive the vehicle yourself. While driving might be a fun activity for you, the long haul are often tiring, risky, and involve a lot more than you might have realized.

Even if you are employing a professional towing company, you still need to take care of a few things to ensure your car is in safe hands. It doesn’t get damaged during the towing process. In any case, no motorist would want their car to face any mishap or damage during the tow from one place to another. Also, there are significant benefits of having a roadside assistance service, and can be life-saving in difficult times. 

Here we will go through a comprehensive analysis of all the things you need to ensure your car is ready for a long, tough drive on a tow truck.

Disable Car Alarm

Alarms are good for protecting your car, but you will need to disable it before handing over your car to the towing company. It can be crucial as the roads are often bumpy and rough, causing the alarm to go off. It will create a panic and stressful situation for the tow truck driver. The alarm can distract other drivers on the road as well, causing more problems and discomfort. It’ll be wise to disable the alarm beforehand. Let the driver not waste their precious time and divert the driver’s attention away from driving.

Wash the Car

It might seem a useless chore. But in reality, it can be beneficial in the long run. Your car can and will collect dirt and dust particles during the long-distance towing and can hide a dent or a ding. You need to spot any or all the dents and dings before seeing off your vehicle. When you receive the car, you need to check if there has been any damage during the tow. At both ends washing your car will make it easy for you to identify any discrepancy.

If Your Car Has Fluid Leaks, Repair Them

Car fluids like gas, engine oil, or coolant leak can cause serious problems for the tow truck and other drivers on the road. It’s essential to repair any leaks from your car. For example, suppose your engine oil is leaking. It can cause slipperiness on the road making it dangerous for other vehicles on the road. While a fuel leak can be more hazardous for your car, tow truck, and the other cars on the road, it might cause a fire.

Inflate the Tires

Make sure to fill the air to the tires when sending your car on a long-distance towing journey. The tires’ air will make it easier for the towing professionals to load and unload the car onto the tow trucks. Besides, the inflated tires will be more capable of withstanding the long bumpy ride. They won’t transfer the shocks to the internal parts of the vehicle. Overall, inflating your vehicle’s tires has many benefits, and it plays a significant role throughout the extended road journey.

Remove Accessories

In case you have made some customization in your car, you need to remove them. Assess which tailored part of your car is prone to damage on its long road trip. And remove all the accessories or the body parts that are likely to be affected during towing.

Clear the Glove Compartment and Trunk

Motorists often place their valuables in the glove compartment or handy tools in the trunk of the car. You need to remove all the items from the trunk and glove compartment to ensure your car isn’t carrying anything that should be with you. Your car should be devoid of any personal belongings on the towing journey.

Properly Lock the Car

If left unchecked and not properly locked, doors can cause accidents or damage to other cars as well. So, it is mandatory to correctly lock every door of your car before heading it on a long trip. Besides, it can ensure road burglars won’t be able to steal anything from your car.

Reduce the Gas in the Tank

To reduce the effort and time it takes for the tow truck to tow your vehicle, you need to reduce the car’s gas. Reducing the car’s fuel is also advised because if the tank is full, it can leak or create a combustive environment that can be very dangerous for the car and tow truck. After all, you’re not going to drive the car. It doesn’t matter if you reduce the gas and remove added weight for the truck.

Call Professional Long-Distance Towing Company

Not everyone fits the bill. Similarly, not every company can securely tow your car for long distances. You need to find a reliable and experienced tow truck company that has a history of delivering outstanding services. Flag Towing ensures a safe and secure towing service for all of its clients in the North Dallas area. We make sure no damage is done to your vehicles during the towing. Our experienced and adept towing professionals perform their duties faithfully and efficiently. And to make it more feasible for you, we offer a cost-effective and cheap long-distance towing solution.

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