How to keep your car’s exterior pristine?

How to keep your car’s exterior pristine?

Maintaining a glossy, pristine car – Sounds like a fantasy? Not anymore.

The paint, hood, bumper, or any other exterior part of your car takes a year-round beating of poor road conditions, not to mention the heavy rainfall, mud, scorching sun, and snow in extreme temperatures. Thus, to keep up with these challenges and stay in tip-top condition, your car needs care, which translates to regular car exterior detailing and maintenance.

Taking care of your car’s outside is worth a fancy resale value, a comfortable ride, and – most importantly – the happiness of driving a new-looking car. There’s also the added benefit of not getting towed by a Tow Truck Plano, TX. Today, we’ll review a few car exterior care tips to keep your car shining.

  1. Wash your car frequently

With extended soil, oil, and grime on the car body, its paintwork becomes less vibrant over time. The practice of cleaning and washing your car preserves its paint and luster. Moreover, it protects your car’s exterior from harmful debris and bird droppings. So, make sure to wash away any dirt, oil, debris regularly because the longer you wait, the more harm it does.

  • Only use car-specific cleaning products

While it’s common sense, most people ignore the importance of car-specific cleaning products. Household cleaning products though inexpensive can cost you hefty repair bills when used on a vehicle. This is because these cleaners contain abrasive chemicals that are unforgiving and damaging to your car’s exterior. Besides choosing the right cleanser for your vehicle, pick a terry towel or microfiber cloth to scrub away the stubborn dirt and avoid any scratches gently.

  • Dry it after washing

Water spots on the exterior of your car are like chemical stains on your clothes – unattractive and decaying. When a vehicle is left to dry on its own after a wash, small water spots containing mineral deposits appear on the car body. While water spots do not sound like a threat, mineral spots can stain and smudge your vehicle paint on exposure to the sun. Use microfiber cloths, or better yet, Chamois is a good call for drying and soaking water better than regular drying towels.

  • Wax your car consistently

However expensive your car is, the lacquer or shiny coat securing its paintwork succumbs over time. All thanks to the extraordinary climate, rain, and snow that eats away the protective covering. Luckily, you can restore the lost sparkle of your pride and joy by waxing it at least twice or as much as four times a year. A good quality wax adds a reasonable layer and seals your vehicle’s exterior to give it a fresh look.

  • Get an annual car service

While you are regular with your car care routine, a yearly detailing by a professional never hurts. Unlike you, an expert from a reliable Tow Truck Service, Plano Tx will look into every nook and cranny of your vehicle to guarantee even the last of the stubborn dirt is cleaned. There’s also the added satisfaction of paint correction and light scratch removal using remarkable cleaning agents to bring back the lost sparkle.

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