Vehicle Lockout: Common Situations and Tips to Avoid Them

Vehicle Lockout- Common Situations and Tips to Avoid Them

If you haven’t found yourself in a vehicle lockout situation, count yourself lucky – for the moment. Because sooner or later, you will; Every driver does. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), over 4 million Americans find themselves locked out of their car each year.

Car lockout situations go way beyond just locking your keys inside the car – the most frustrating scenario. Multiple other unforeseen circumstances can lead to such precarious situations. And once you are stuck outside a perfectly working but LOCKED vehicle, your only option is to call a lockout service near me.

Anyway, getting yourself acquainted with the common car lockout scenarios might help you prevent them in the first place. Or at the least, allow you to deal with the annoying situation more efficiently. So, let’s take a look at the most common vehicle lockout situations you might find yourself in.

If you haven’t found yourself in a vehicle lockout situation, count yourself lucky – for the 



  1. Locking your keys inside the car

It is stupid yet the most common car lockout situation. It often happens when you are in a hurry. For instance, you are already late to work; then there is the never-ending traffic. Anyhow you reach your office, turn off the engine, get out of the vehicle, and pause to take a deep breath before heading inside. And that’s when it hit you; your car keys aren’t jingling in your pocket. Instead, there they are, lying on the passenger seat, and the car is locked.Likewise, most people leave their car running while they get some snacks from the stop-shop or grab important stuff from the trunk, only to realize the door locked automatically.

  1. Losing the keys at home or work

Almost all of us have been there. If not the car keys, we definitely have lost a few other important keys once in our lives. So, we know the frustration.

When you misplace your vehicle keys inside your house, there is a chance you might find them in some drawer or maybe under the table. However, things get even more disappointing when you realize you lost the keys at work or somewhere on the road. In that case, miserably following your footsteps or searching your office might be a waste of time. A better option is to hire a vehicle lockout service near me to get a duplicate key.

  1. Breaking the keys in the lock

While the situation is less common than others, it still happens in the most unfortunate times, ruining your day. Breaking your keys is a terrible reason to be locked out of your ride. Even more, if you break them inside the lock. Because even though you have three more doors, you only have one key that is now broken and stuck in the lock.

  1. Broken door

It is not always about the keys. Car lockouts can happen even if you have the keys with you in perfect condition. How? Sometimes due to car accidents lead to broken or damaged doors. A dent to your car door can cause the lock to disfigure internally, so the key might not fix to unlock it.In another scenario, if you have transponder keys and the fob detects a breach, it might automatically lock the doors and disable the vehicle. Unfortunately, only a professional locksmith who has an idea about the transponder keys can help you enable it again.

  1. Build up or jam in the lock

A “locked” car door situation can occur when your lock is jammed. This jam in the lock can be due to a variety of reasons. Over time, rust, grime, and all kinds of debris can build up inside the lock and clog the tumblers to the point that they are stuck in the locked position. Similarly, the pollutants or any foreign object can wear out the lock, eventually jamming the mechanism

  1. Attempted theft

Once in a while, some drivers face lockout situations due to attempted vehicle theft. Thieves often use various tools and inappropriate methods to break into the car when trying to steal it. Consequently, they ruin the locks or sometimes even the car ignition, leading to improper function of the locks.


To save you the frustration that comes with a car lockout situation, we have come up with some easy tips you can follow to avoid getting locked out of your car.

  1. Never leave your keys in the ignition

No matter how confident you are about running to the shop to grab something in no time while the car is running, never do that – unless there is an adult passenger to stay in the car. Your car lock can betray you by locking automatically.

  1. Replace damaged keys or old fob batteries

Ignoring a damaged key or dying fob battery can have troublesome consequences. The damaged key can break off while in the lock, or the fob battery can die; both ways, you will be stranded on the side of the road. Always keep an open eye on your keys and get them replaced when needed.

  1. Keep a spare

Keeping a spare car key is the perfect backup plan for car lockout situations. Always make sure to carry a spare key in your purse or wallet when heading out. Also, you can give a set to a close friend, relative, or neighbor.

  1. Lubricate the locks

This is particularly useful in extreme winters when the door locks can freeze. As a result, your keys won’t turn inside the lock, preventing you from getting inside. To avoid this problem, it is best to lubricate all the locks before the winter season.

  1. Know who to call

Knowing who to call for assistance when you cannot unlock your vehicle is a good practice. While it might not prevent a car lockout scenario, it will surely make it easier to deal with. Therefore, always keep a trusted locksmith’s number handy. Add it to your speed dial or write it down on paper to keep in your wallet.

Final words

There you go! Bear in mind those valuable tips and take early precautions to avoid falling victim to a car lockout situation. However, if you still end up in a car lockout with no spare key, friend, or relative to help, your best bet is to hire a professional locksmith.You can call Flag Towing and request a lockout service. We have locksmiths who are trained and certified to tackle all kinds of vehicle locks with safety. Our 24/7 response team offers prompt assistance to help you get back in your car quickly.