Get Better Gas Mileage and Save Up Money with These Helpful Tips

Get Better Gas Mileage and Save Up Money with These Helpful Tips

Want to spend more money on your vacation than on your fuel tank? You’re just in the right place.

Fortunately, improving your fuel economy involves a variety of approaches. While many car enthusiasts suggest modern-day vehicle modifications to get better gas mileage, others encourage reduced driving by carpooling, combined trips, use of public transport โ€“ considering the added benefit to the environment.

However, that said, there are still more accessible and cheaper ways to improve fuel efficiency. Believe it or not, your driving habits significantly impact your gas mileage: driving slowly and efficiently, not breaking too hard, using cruise control, etc. โ€“ all come in handy to achieve better fuel economy. ย Likewise, regular vehicle maintenance with proper inflations and good alignments are additional strategies that can stretch your gas dollars.

So, to make sure you make fewer stops and pay less at the gas stations, our team at Flag Towing Service Dallas collected ten practical tips you can follow without worry.

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What is gas mileage?


Gas mileage measured in Miles Per Gallon (MPG) refers to the number of miles a vehicle can travel on one gallon. Or simply put, it determines the fuel-burning efficiency of an automobile. The more miles per gallon a car goes, the better its fuel economy and vice versa.

What is “Good” gas mileage?


The notion of “Good” gas mileage depends on several factors: the type of fuel, vehicle type, and fuel octane. Moreover, the type of driving also relates to the amount of gas your car burns. For instance, driving on highways gives higher mpg than city driving due to the higher revolutions per minute and slower speeds.

All in all, good gas mileage generally translates to less gas for a larger distance per mile.

Tips on how to achieve better gas mileage


  1. Drive slow and efficient

It’s as simple as driving slowly and efficiently. Speeding not only risks your safety but also tends to reduce your fuel economy by 7-14%. It is suggested that when your vehicle exceeds 50 miles per hour, additional every five miles per hour costs about 22 cents more per gallon of gas. So, there’s every reason for you to slow down and drive calmly and relaxed.

  1. Don’t pedal too hard

While driving aggressively might get you early to work, or through the rush back home, rapid acceleration and hard braking can be highly detrimental to fuel efficiency. Also, “Jackrabbit” starts can reduce fuel efficiency by 15 to 30 percent.ย  To say the least, poor driving habits waste gas โ€“ and obviously money that can otherwise be saved very easily.

  1. Tune up your car regularly

Remember, a car that does not run optimally won’t burn fuel efficiently. For maximum fuel economy, preventive vehicle maintenance is a smart strategy. Regularly replace the air filters, spark plugs, motor oil, brake pads, or anything that needs a fix, and you will see results.

  1. Don’t idle โ€“ it’s bad

Waiting in the car for that one friend who takes forever to get ready? Want to grab some snacks from the stop shop? Whatever the case, never leave your car idling for more than 10 seconds. An idling vehicle gets zero miles per hour while the engine consumes about one quarter to half a gallon of gas per hour. Instead, when safe to do, turn off your engine and save up to 3 cents per minute.

  1. Keep an eye on the tire pressure

Underinflated tires can go a long way in costing you an added cost of 31 cents per gallon. The US department of energy reported that vehicles with underinflated tires waste around 1.25 billion gallons of gas each year. Therefore, it is recommended to keep an eye on your tire pressure, read the specifications in your owner’s manual, and adjust the levels accordingly.

  1. Use cruise control (when suitable)

Under suitable conditions, cruise control can help you save up to 14% on gas through consistent speeding, which adds up to 43 cents per gallon. However, make sure to avoid cruising on slippery roads or hilly terrain

  1. Straight alignment

Tires can misalign after long travels, especially off-roads, taking on brutal forces. These improper alignments cause the tires to drag rather than roll freely, calling for extra friction, ultimately reducing fuel economy. Thus, checking your tire alignment and balance can improve gas mileage as well as tire performance.

  1. Remove excess weight

Any extra weight in your vehicle significantly reduces fuel efficiency. The heavier the car, the more the drag. The lesser you stow on your roof, the more you will save. Although smaller vehicles are more affected by excess weight, a general addition of 100 pounds will cost you up to 3 cents more per gallon. So, open your trunk and pull out any heavy item that does not need to be in there.

  1. Turn off the air conditioner

Windows up and AC off is a potential combo to get maximum gas mileage. This is because, in hot temperatures, your air conditioner burns excessive fuel to keep you cool. Wherein rolling the windows down while driving at high speed creates drag due to wind resistance. The best option is to keep your windows down with slower speed at the start of your trip, but roll them up and turn on the AC once on the highway.

  1. Top up your fuel levels when it’s cool outside

The best time to fill your fuel tank is early in the morning or late at night when it’s cool outside. Doing so will protect your fuel from the heat of the day to give more density to the fuel. As a result, your vehicle will get more fuel without spending any extra dollars.

Now you know, it’s all about burning the fuel more efficiently. With a combination of the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can save a handful of gas dollars. All you have to do is drive smart and maintain your vehicle for peak performance.

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