Watch Out for These Warning Signs on Your Vehicle

Dashboard Warning Lights

Picture this: you’ve just come into your vehicle and started it! You’re glad everything is normal – until you observe an unusual sign on your dashboard. And it’s flickering! What does it mean? Why is it flickering? A bunch of questions pops into your head.

Fortunately, there’s not much to worry about. Cars often give early warning signs before actually breaking down. And while these signs commonly mean that there may be something wrong with your vehicle, you can fix them beforehand. 

For that reason, it is important to learn a bit about your vehicle and the warnings signs. Some warning symbols on your vehicle’s dashboard are more convenient to figure out than others. However, it’s crucial to know precisely what these warning signs mean so you can stop your vehicle and call localtowing services around Dallas to help you. So, we have curated a list of the most common car warning symbols to look out for on your vehicle for your safety! 

6 Common Car Warning Signs to Watch Out for:

Steering Lock:

Steering Lock is a necessary theft-avoidance feature in your vehicle! It operates automatically whenever the tires or the wheels are turned while the key is not in the ignition hole. It means no one will be ferrying away with your car. But, if you come into your vehicle and notice that your steering lock light is on – there’s a possibility that someone tried to turn the tires in your car. 

Pulsing or grinding sound from the brakes:

Most drivers usually think that their brakes don’t need much attention! However, it’s essential to recall that brakes are one of the most reproving parts of your vehicle, and they must be given due attention and care. Moreover, the brake pads wear constantly, and they should be restored when they get to their expected service life. So, whenever you hear screaming or grinding sound coming out of your vehicle’s brakes – take your car to a mechanic for examination. Further, when the pads get to their predicted service life, they start producing a high-pitch screech. Never neglect these warnings signs or sounds, or you may get into a horrible accident!

The Check Engine Alert:

Since your engine is a complex component having many moving parts, the Check Engine Alert might indicate a significant issue with the engine. It can be anything from a problem with your fuel cap, oxygen sensor, or strange engine noises. Thankfully, it’s not tricky to notice a change in sounds which illustrates that something goes wrong. For instance, a pulsing sound at startup is the symbol showing a potential problem with belts or pulleys. Further, if you observe any peculiar knocking sound – it’s an early warning sign of a problem with your engine valve train. 

The battery light:

The battery light is another warning sign that your charging system is not running correctly. Although it’s normal for vehicles to exhibit this light upon setting up, if it endures or if your car won’t start – you indeed got a problem! Typically, it’s a warning sign with the battery, but it could also be an issue with the voltage, wiring in your car, regulator, or alternator. Electrical problems can be disingenuous, so it’s best to get your vehicle checked before driving away!

Smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe:

If you observe some black smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust pipe, it shows that the car has some engine problems. Moreover, if you notice blue smoke from the exhaust pipe, your car might have an oil leakage. It immediately needs an oil change service to prevent a more significant loss. Also, the oil level should not go too shallow as it can break off a head gasket. Besides this, if your car indicates white smoke from the exhaust pipe, your car certainly has a leakage within the cooling system. 

Oil pressure light:

The oil pressure light is one of the most severe warning signs of all! It is produced by the oil pump keeping the engine oil distributed and its amount of oil. A faulty pump, leak, or too little oil can cause severe damage to the engine! As soon as you notice this light on your vehicle, stop the engine swiftly and call Flag Towing for an oil change or a tow to the nearest repair shop

Master Warning Light:

The master warning light symbol can be highly frightening but usually indicates something trifling. It is characterized by an exclamation symbol inside a triangle and can be red or yellow. The red sign will tell something serious about the oil level. Also, it can flip on when the oil requires changing or when your car’s door is unlocked. Further, the yellow light shows some issues with your car’s stability control system. If this happens, drive your vehicle with care and go check it out!

An unusual smell:

If you notice any unusual smell coming from your car, you should never ignore it! It can be a warning sign of a fuel system leak or a broken fuel line. Moreover, check your hands and clothes immediately and see that your petrol cap is tightly screwed on if you smell petrol. Besides this, if you still can’t locate the source of the odor – call a tow truck and avert using any lighters or matches until your car has been secured. 

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