How to Avoid Needing A Tow Truck in Extreme Weather of Texas

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Extreme weather conditions of the Texas State are one of the major causes of regular vehicle breakdowns. Summer heat, according to the Texas Department of Insurance, in 2016 caused around 13,390 vehicle fires in the state needing an emergency towing service. The highest spike in incidents was recorded in the summer months. A lot of people experience car troubles during the scorching hot weather, but you wouldn’t want to face a breakdown on some of the most dangerous roads in Texas. The peak summertime has its destructive effect on automobile life, affecting its critical components like tires, engine, brakes, and fluids.

Most vehicles are prone to overheating and many other critical issues in the hot summer months. The blistering heat not only has adverse health effects on humans but also puts pressure on your vehicles. While for most of the nation, summertime means vacations and travel. You need to be attentive because heat can wreak havoc on a car and its normal operations. You should keep these important items in your car during the scorching hot Texas summer. To be sure that you’ll get the help when you need the best car towing service near me. You should rely on the best towing and roadside assistance company in North Texas – Flag towing.

Overheating Vehicles

Overheating is the most common concern in a hot climate situation. An overheated engine can cause mechanical and engine failure. The engines can go hotter than usual and put tremendous pressure on the vehicle’s cooling system. And if there are any leaks or declining seals in the car, they can leak cooling fluids. Ultimately causing your car engine to overheat.

You need to check that there aren’t any deteriorating seals or pipe leaks in the critical parts. Ensure inspecting the entire cooling system while paying close attention to connected components, such as the radiator, water pump, and hoses. The coolant level needs to be perfect and above the threshold.

One of the principal signs of an overheating engine is the emission of smoke or steam from underneath the hood or a unique small. Ensure a constant look at the temperature gauge on the vehicle’s dashboard to confirm any overheating issues. In case your car is overheating, promptly turn off the AC to decrease the pressure on the automobile’s engine. Now pull over your vehicle to the side of the road and let it cool for a few minutes. It would be better to add some water to help the car cool down or contact a reliable and prompt towing service near you to offer professional roadside assistance.

Dead Battery / Need Jump Start

Summer heat can be detrimental for car batteries, as it impacts the power-generation chemistry of a battery. It is not only the air temperature. The heat under the hood can be accelerated quickly and result in a motorist winding up stuck on the road. In the 2018 summer, AAA responded to 1.8 million battery-related service calls.

According to an AAA study, car batteries last around 58 months in the U.S.’s furthest northern regions, while less than 41 months in the most southern regions. The Consumer Report’s Banta recommends having a battery load test after two years in a warmer climate and after four years if you live in a cold environment. Because of the exposure to blistering heat, the battery fluid starts to evaporate and can result in a dead battery. And no one wants to end up stuck under the sizzling sun with a dead battery.

Have your battery inspected each summer to prevent the problem from propping its head right before you were planning to go on a summer trip. During an inspection, you should check the battery’s charging capacity, the terminals’ condition, and how securely it’s mounted. If you ever encounter a dead battery problem on the road in Plano, TX, or Frisco, TX, contact the trusted and experienced roadside assistance providers – Flag towing and roadside assistance. In another article, we have explained how and who to call for a car jumpstart service.

Irregular Tire Pressure

The summer heat can also ruin the tires, and you need to be highly attentive to spot any change in tire pressure or condition of the tire. The burning roads can cause the vehicle’s tire pressure to go up from the levels recommended by the manufacturer and can result in a tire blowout. Even if the car doesn’t blowout, an overinflated tire is more susceptible to premature deterioration and car handling problems.

A tire blowout can also happen with underinflated tires because of the hot weather because underinflated tires produce much heat and can damage quickly in increased temperatures. The increased rolling resistance with the hot roads significantly affects the tire’s lifespan. That’s why you always need to check the tire pressure in summer to make sure they are inflated at the right level.

How to Avoid Overheating the Engine?

You can efficiently avoid getting stuck in the scorching hot summer if you properly take care of your engine.

  1. Check Radiator for Leaks and Fluid Levels

The radiator is the first component you should check and pay attention to overheating related issues. It plays a vital role in keeping your vehicle running in extreme weather conditions. Mostly overheating problems are caused by a blocked or damaged radiator. Regularly get your radiator checked and add antifreeze during service. The antifreeze prevents overheating by raising the boiling point of water in the cooling system.

  1. Cooling System Flush if it’s Clogged Up

Metal particles, residue, and rust clog up in your car’s cooling system over time and negatively affect its performance. Regularly flushing the cooling system is vital and wouldn’t cost much. If your car’s cooling system is weak, it can result in engine overheating, engine failure, or an expensive repair.

  1. Air Conditioning Issues

High speed and warm weather impact your vehicle’s engine badly. Traffic jams and long trips cause the vehicle’s engine to overheat. To make sure you don’t face an engine breakdown, it’s recommended to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system at its best capacity. Because if the air conditioning is faulty, it will put much pressure on the engine and lead to a car breakdown. It is highly recommended that you service your air conditioning system before going on a summer road trip.

Altogether, essential vehicle servicing is vital to ensure your vehicle’s survival in the summer heat. It is relatively less costly to keep your car in good shape than dealing with any blown engine parts that can potentially result in engine breakdown or overheating.

At Flag Towing, we understand how crucial our role is in rescuing stranded motorists and how severe the ramifications can be delayed roadside assistance. Having reliable and swift roadside assistance, 24-hour towing service can potentially save your life and assets.