The Most Dangerous Roads in Plano TX

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Be Extra Cautious at These Intersections to Avoid Accidents

Plano is the 9th largest city in Texas, and like other large cities in Texas, it has a lot of cars. And lots of cars means lots of accidents. Every driver in Plano wants to know the most dangerous intersections and roadways that require extra care when driving.

If you are unfortunate and find yourself in an accident or in need of towing for any reason in the Plano area, Flag Towing is here to assist you. Just call us at 972-567-7299. With that in mind, here are the most dangerous roadways in Plano, Texas.

In 2019 11 intersections had 30 or more reported crashes. Leading the way with the most reported accidents was the intersection of Custer Road and W Parker Road, with 45 reported crashes. This number one rated most dangerous intersection was the only one in the Plano area with over 40 reported crashes.

The intersection with the second most reported crashes was Dallas Parkway and West Parker Road, with 39 incidents. Closely following was the intersection of Dallas Parkway and Legacy Drive with 37 reported crashes. FYI Dallas Parkway also came in at # 8 with 32 incidents reported at the intersection of Dallas Parkway and Headquarters Drive. That is a total of 108 cars colliding at various junctures of Dallas Parkway.

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The other roadway that had multiple reported accidents was Colt Road. Colt Road had 34 accidents on West President George Bush Highway Westbound, 33 at the intersection of Colt Road and Mapleshade Lane, 32 crashes where Colt Road intersects with West Park Boulevard, and 30 where Colt Road meets West Spring Creek Parkway. That’s a total of 129 crashes on various segments of Colt Road, making it the most dangerous road in the Plano area!

Whether you need our services on Custer Road, the Dallas Parkway, or anywhere on Colt Road, Flag Towing tow trucks will be there promptly and at a reasonable price. Just call us at 972-567-7299. If you are stuck on the side of a road in Plano, TX, or any of the surrounding cities, here are the tips for the roadside situation.

Wherever you are driving on Plano area highways and roadways, it is, of course, advisable to drive defensively. Also, these places can be dangerous to wait for a tow truck or roadside assistance. When driving on the above-mentioned roads, please use extra attention, so you do not become a crash statistic in 2020 or beyond.