Tips to Maintain Your Car’s Air Conditioning System Unit Healthy This Summer

Maintain Your Car's Air Conditioning System Unit Healthy This Summer

As the summer month of May is approaching, is your vehicle ready to take on the scorching road heat? If not, now might be the time to give some attention and care to your vehicle’s AC system and avoid waiting for Plano Towing with the sun over your head. In this article, you will read about tips to maintain your Car’s air conditioning system this summer.

A sluggish car air conditioner can be a nightmare in long hot commutes home scenarios, especially in Southern states where the humidity can be unbearable. To keep you cool through the summer road trips and even maintain your health, your car AC unit plays an important role. So, a few visual checks and regular maintenance of your car air condition unit will not only keep it running smoothly but also save you from costly replacements. 

Below we will talk about some must-know tips you can follow to keep your car AC in good health and enjoy summers without worrying. 

  1. Run your car air conditioner for 10 minutes every week

Try running your car AC for ten minutes a week, even in the cold non-air conditioning months. For best results, turn on the framework to the highest fan speed and set it to the coldest settings. The periodic running of the cooling system will circulate the oil in the system to maintain the gas pressure at an ideal level. Likewise, doing so will keep the blower in good condition to work well in the summer months.  

  1. Inspect and address any AC system problems quickly

There is no rocket science to inspect your vehicle under the hood to head off any troubles, and almost anyone can do it. It is as easy as looking at the AC condenser in front of the radiator. Make sure the condenser is not clogged with debris to restrict the airflow. If you do find it blocked by a blocked bug screen or anything else, use a high-pressure garden hose to clear the way. 

  1. Avoid idling and pre-cooling

While it’s comforting to you, pre-cooling your car drains your car’s air conditioner unit’s health. Since the air compressor runs whenever and however fast your engine runs, idling or cooling your car when not driving will only eat on your gas. The best practice is to turn on the air conditioner once you start cruising on the road to make the most of the cooling system.

  1. Schedule a professional air conditioning service once in a while

Given the regular professional care, your car air conditioner system can last long. Contact us or head to Flag Towing Service Plano to detect any leakages or damages and fine-tune your vehicle’s cooling system. Our experienced air conditioner technicians will refresh the gas, lubricate all moving parts, and clean the air filters.

Ignoring or delaying vehicle AC servicing is a bad idea and can even cost you a fortune. Just like any other part of your vehicle, it is essential to maintain the air conditioner unit. At Flag Towing, you can get the best services for your cooling system. In case your car AC acts up and leaves you stranded on the road under the summer heat, our roadside assistant will get your AC up and running within no time.