Benefits of Having A Roadside Assistance Service

Roadside Assistance Service

When you purchase a new or used vehicle, you will be offered the opportunity to also get a plan for roadside assistance service. This service is highly recommended to every motorist, although this is an additional cost. This can save a person money in the long run. These companies work with the towing companies from all areas in Texas and provide a variety of benefits and emergency roadside assistance services. Here are the top four benefits of roadside assistance service for your car or truck.

Flat Tire Change Service

You are driving down the interstate, on your way to work or home, and all of sudden a piece of fallen debris from another truck has rapidly blown the tire out. You flip your hazard lights on and make your way to the shoulder of the road. Now you may have to call someone to come pick you up, then you would have to contact a local towing company to pick up the vehicle and take it to the shop for repair, or change the tire if you already have a spare wheel. There is lot of cost associated to this.

In case, you pay a monthly fee this will allow you to call the company for help at any time. You would simply need to make a phone call to your roadside company and wait for a tow truck driver to come. 

Fuel Delivery

Have you ever run out of gas while driving on the road? Thousands of drivers make this mistake everyday. When this happens to someone without a roadside assistance service plan, they have to walk to the nearest gas station, fill up a gallon and haul it back to the vehicle to refill or the other option is to call a friend or family member.

The fantastic benefit of having a roadside assistance plan is that you can call a technician who will deliver fuel to your disabled vehicle and get you back on the road in minutes.

Battery Jump Start

If someone’s vehicle stops because of the dead battery, they will need call a friend or family member, as a stranger for help, or call an auto repair shop for pick up and repair. These options are tedious and costly. If you have a roadside assistance plan you can call a tow truck who will come and jump start the battery of your vehicle in minutes.

Vehicle Towing

A flat tire drained battery or running out of fuel are not the only reasons you may have to call your roadside assistance. Due to mechanical reasons or collision you may need to request a flatbed tow truck or a wheel lift wrecker to tow your vehicle to a shop for repair. In case if you don’t have a roadside assistance plan, you will have to bear the cost of towing. 

In some cases, requesting a tow truck through your insurance or roadside assistance plan could be time consuming. You can always call a nearest or a local towing company like Flag Towing and ask for invoice, which will later be reimbursed to you by your roadside assistance service provider.

In another article we have explained how to call a local towing company if you don’t have a roadside assistance service plan.

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