Common Reasons to Call A Tow Truck

Call A Tow Truck

Every year hundreds of thousands of people get stranded on the roads. But what should one do when stuck on the side of the road. Most of the annual breakdown reasons follow similar patterns, with causes remain mostly the same.

Here are the most common reasons people Call for Roadside Assistance service:

1- Tire Service

Tires are hard to prevent in many instances, such as various forms of debris on the roads that can cause a puncture to the tire. Also, if the depth of tread on the tire is low, the risks of puncture or a cut increase.

Low pressure and a flat tire is another factor people call for tire change service or a tow truck.

These situations occur due to a lack of regular maintenance. Regularly inspecting the tire pressures and the depth of tire treads makes it much easier to avoid emergency roadside situations.

2- Battery Died/ Jump Start

Battery issues are one of the leading causes for people needing the help of tow truck companies. Weather conditions may affect the battery if the vehicle’s battery is old. Car Batteries usually have a much shorter lifespan than other parts of the vehicle.

Yearly service and inspection can prevent battery troubles from occurring. Cold weather makes it the most common reason for vehicle breakdowns.

3- Lock Out

It is always advised to get a spare set of keys in order to deal with the situations like keys are lost, stolen, or misplaced. Sometimes keys are left in the car, and the car gets locked, which is frustrating.

To make it easier for you and answer all your questions regarding lockout service – understanding lockout services. Flag Towing can help you to unlock the car and get back on the road quickly!

4- Alternator Issues

Many times when a vehicle is experiencing battery issues on an ongoing basis, it is an indication of alternator fault.

Broken alternator belts, water pump issues cause the weak battery, and also frequent engine cut-outs. For these reasons, you need to call a local Tow truck company to tow your vehicle to a repair shop.

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5- Starters

Another biggest reason why you need to call a tow truck is a faulty starter, yet this problem is not apparent until the car doesn’t start. Not most often, people notice this problem when they are away from home, and they need to get roadside assistance.

Flag Towing is the local roadside assistance service provider that can be reached out at 972-567-7299. Flag Towing works with most of the insurances and roadside assistance service providers.