8 Important Items to Keep in Your Car During a Texas Summer Road Trip

Road Trip from Plano Texas

Getting ready for a little summer road trip? It’s nice to see what’s beyond McKinney and Plano every once in a while. You might want to take the kids on a short ride to Lake Texoma, only a 1 hour and 20-minute drive. Or, you may want to venture out on a longer trip in your RV, perhaps to Possum Kingdom Lake outside Carrollton, a full-day drive.

So depending on the destination, you might be on the road for a while. Whether you take a short road trip or go on a true adventure, our tow truck drivers recommend some preparations you should take to avoid needing a tow truck in the extreme weather of Texas. And ensure you and any passengers’ safety, and it’s as easy as making sure you have the proper things in your vehicle while driving.

With our many experiences in helping stranded motorists and providing towing in the Plano area, we’ve found the following items crucial in being a part of your car’s journey on a road trip.


This might seem like a no-brainer, but water is important. If your car happens to break down somewhere far from a place you can get water, you might be looking in an uncomfortable situation.

Gauge the length of your road trip and always make sure you have a least a day’s supply of water for each occupant of the vehicle.

Spare Tire

Another thing that some people may overlook is the spare tire. They should not have one, but that they should check on it periodically to make sure it’s in good condition. It would hardly do well to have a spare tire if you come to find out it has a puncture or some other damage rendering it unusable.

The spare tire also isn’t meant to be a replacement tire; merely a temporary substitute that will get your car to a shop where you can get an actual replacement tire.

First Aid Kit

First aid kits are very inexpensive, and we recommend always having one in your car, regardless of whether you’re taking a road trip or not. You never know what can happen out on the road, and having a first aid kit might actually be a lifesaver if you get into an accident or some across another traveler that has had one.

You should also check on your first aid kit periodically to make sure nothing is expired. Some items will keep; things like gauze, bandages, and tweezers. But there are some items that will lose effectiveness over time, like ointments and acetaminophen tablets. They won’t be completely useless after expiration, but they certainly won’t do as well as they should, so make sure those are always within the use period.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are another thing that pretty much every car should have. You can even jump start your car in the rain. Even if your car is not the one that’s broken down, it will be there if you come across someone else who needs some help. And if you do happen to forget the cables and need a jump, don’t worry, just call the towing experts at Flag Towing!

Cell Phone Charger

With most people owning smartphones nowadays, we can be a little too dependent on them, which may not be a good thing. Be that as it may, they provide us with a wealth of information easily attainable at our fingertips (you might even be reading this on one now!).

Losing power to a smartphone can really mess things up, so having a backup is great for peace of mind. A battery backup is good, but a simple cell phone charger you can plug into the 9V outlet (most cars have) is a great alternative.

Trash Can

Having a small place for waste is essential, not only for keeping your car clean but also to prevent the temptation to throw anything away outside the car. Littering is terrible, and there really is no excuse for it, so do yourself a favor and get a small wastebasket designed for cars like the Meister Car Trash Can Waste Container, and make sure to empty it at regular intervals when appropriate.


Along with water, you’re also going to want to have some simple food items for your trip. Granola bars, fruit snacks, and other small items are great for traveling.

Eating while driving is not recommended, so it’s best to find a safe spot to stop for a bit to do some munching when you feel the need. It’s better to bring your own food at this time as well during the Pandemic, as pit stops could lead to increased exposure to the Pandemic.

Emergency Cash

During the road trip, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to buy something (food, water, gas, etc.), but the establishment you are in doesn’t accept credit or debit cards for whatever reason. Having a small stash of cash will help in the event that plastic isn’t an option. Keep it in your glove box along with your car documents. Try not to hide it such that it might be difficult for you to remember where it is.

Feel free to comment if you have other ideas on making your ‘escape from Plano’ road trip more safe and enjoyable. And be sure to keep our tow company’s number handy, just in case you need it on the road. A swift and reliable towing company can save your life and assets from further damage. Our towing service is here for you in Plano, The Colony, Frisco, and adjacent areas!