Tips To Ease Your Anxiety While Waiting For Towing

Emergency triangle in the middle of the road. Man and car in the

Car breakdowns are more common than you know. And you might face them at some point in life. Unfortunately, if you do, don’t worry.

Quick and affordable towing services make your life easier. The round-the-clock availability is also a huge relief for people rendered helpless on the road due to car troubles. So, don’t panic, even if you are alone, and call for prompt assistance.

Now, all you need to do is wait. But, until help arrives, you must take some specific measures to reduce anxiety. Here, we have listed some pro tips to help you overcome anxiety and relax until towing services reach the scene.

Let’s dive in-




The first thing you need to take care of is clearly explaining your location. Whether you are stranded in the middle of nowhere or on a busy freeway, you must give crystal clear directions. Giving directions can be challenging if you are not focused, so stay calm.

Use your smartphone to send the exact location of your car. If you don’t have access to the internet, try explaining your location by describing major landmarks, shops, or signs nearby. The better the communication, the faster the towing services will be able to reach you.



After successfully explaining your location, you must also give a detailed account of your requirements. Are you in need of towing or a tire change? Depending on the type of car you are using, the equipment and towing vehicles may vary. Hence, make sure you give adequate details about your vehicle and any specific tools needed.



While being stranded on the road, the best way to stay out of harm’s way is to stay inside the car. Your car is the safest place to be while you wait. This way, you can also safeguard your valuables. So, stay put until help arrives.

But, if your car is leaking fuel or exuding smoke, it might indicate danger or serious damage to the vehicle. In this case, get out of the car and move a safe distance away. Find a secure spot and wait for the towing vehicle.



It is always smart to move the car to the side of the road instead of waiting in the middle. Push your car to a nearby vacant spot/parking space. If there is no such space available, just move the vehicle to the shoulder of the road to avoid collision with any incoming traffic. If you are near a curve or in a tunnel, try pushing to a spot with maximum visibility.

Better yet, if you own an emergency kit, you might have reflective triangles or road flares to make your vehicle visible even in the dark. Place them behind and in front of the car to maximize visibility. Also, switch on the hazard/emergency lights on your vehicle.



In times like these, many people might try to lend a helping hand while actually meaning harm to you or your valuables. You cannot trust any unknown passerby. Hitch-hiking and leaving your valuable or vehicle behind is never recommended.

Therefore, you must be vigilant enough and deny any offer to ride with strangers. Politely decline and prefer to stay put in your own vehicle until the towing services arrive.



Any situation can turn into a nightmare if you are not calm. Being anxious actually makes everything worse. Towing can be made easier if you don’t lose your cool or focus. For everything to go smoothly, you must not panic and take control of the situation. By staying calm, you will be able to give clear directions and also take care of your valuables.



Whenever you get stuck in any situation that might delay your arrival home, you must inform your family. Anyone at home waiting for you might get worried and make anxious calls, further troubling you. So, it is best to inform immediate relatives or family about your situation.

Also, communicate your location and the fact that the towing service is arriving soon. Moreover, if possible, also send the details of the Plano towing service. This will ensure safety and security.



Waiting usually makes people anxious. The key trick to minimize stress is to stay busy. Until the towing services arrive, play games or watch something that takes your mind off the issue. Anything that helps you pass the time easily.

If you have kids riding with you, you must be careful in keeping them calm. Food and entertainment are usually enough to keep them distracted. Games that do not involve using your smartphone might work. Avoid using the smartphone for this purpose in case you need to make any further emergency calls.



If you have an emergency kit on hand, look for any tools or essentials that might help your situation. Take out the reflective jackets. Wearing these jackets will help the towing services spot you in unlit areas from afar



When the towing services finally arrive, you must not hand over your vehicle without first checking its authenticity. See if the driver’s name and other details match. Also, check the truck’s license number. Ask the service guys for their identification badges. Only after you are sure that they are trustworthy hand over the keys.

Although car breakdown is bad, you can avoid making it worse by staying calm and focused. Being stranded on the road can be stressful for most people and unsafe in some aspects. However, if you know your way around this issue, you can easily get through it without much trouble or anxiety.

All you have to do is be clear while communicating with the towing services, be vigilant and calm. Just follow the above-mentioned instructions and precautions, and you shall be able to put this ordeal behind you in no time.