Roadside Assistance or Towing During Holidays


Holidays season is great time of the year to a break from our busy lives. Many folks head out of their hoes to spend this time with family and friends.The road usage reaches its peak because of many people driving during this time. The weather conditions are also not too favorable, so the likelihood of accident road accidents  increases.

It is advisable to practice safe driving through the year but during the holidays period you need to be more careful on the road. Since due to increased number of drives on the road there are more accidents during this time than any other time of the year. Accidents are normally caused due to various reasons such as:

– Heavy Traffic Congestion
– Drivers Care Less About the Day to Day Road Safety
– Drunk Driving
– Holiday Rush

Long driving and cold weather may cause mechanical problems to the vehicle, which may result in calling a tow service near me. Another common reason of the need to call a towing service is accidents around holidays times.

On the other hand cold may cause various issues to the car, sometimes these issues can be resolved just by calling roadside assistance service.

Having Roadside Assistance Service for bad times in really helpful, specially when it comes to requesting a tow truck for your broken vehicle. However it could be extremely frustrating to wait for a tow truck because towing services that you request through your roadside assistance go through several channels before they are assigned to towing companies near you.

Sometimes due to several reasons they will dispatch wrong tow truck which will not serve the needs of your vehicle. In these circumstances, it is best to request roadside assistance by calling your local towing company, and you can present the receipt of the services to your insurance company or roadside assistance service provider for reimbursement.

Flag Towing is the local roadside assistance service provider can be reached out at 972-567-7299. Flag Towing works with most of the insurances and roadside assistance service providers.